Forward Thinking Consultative Selling: The art of selling through transparency by providing facts. This selling method incorporates traditional automotive sales processes with effective digital retailing strategies that are used by some of the most effective sales professionals in the world.


Dealer eRecruiting provides quality automotive recruiting for sales professionals. We have a unique process that will assist dealers in hiring quality talent and retaining them.


If you are constantly hiring recruiting companies that sell innocent job applicants sales training then you are putting your business in jeopardy of receiving negative press. Dealer eTraining has created a method of recruiting and training that limits liabilities and increases the quality of talent being trained. We do not charge innocent job applicants money for sales training.


Are you concerned that you are not selling enough cars? Time to evaluate the sales processes in the dealership. This includes internet lead management, BDC, showroom sales, advertising and management. A third party perspective can open up eyes to much needed potential. Dealer eTraining has an extensive consulting program for dealers looking to grow.


Dealer eRecruiting the premier automotive sales recruiting and training division of Dealer eTraining. Dealer eTraining was founded in 2010 due to the ever growing need of quality training for automotive sales and business development center executives. Our founder, Stan Sher brings over 11 years of real automotive dealership and training experience. As automotive dealerships are about to evolve in the new millennium there is a recognized need for quality recruiting and training services.


Stan is a contemporary automotive sales and marketing professional for the retail automobile industry. He started out as a traditional automotive showroom sales consultant selling new Honda vehicles in 2003 where he averaged around 20 units per month. As a matter of fact he was a silver level member for the Honda Council of Sales Leadership. He later went on to become a top performing selling Internet Sales Manager for a Honda dealership owned by AutoNation where he was promoted to assistant sales manager in just 7 months as he was averaging 25 units per month on the internet as part of a six person department.

“I provide real training from my own experience and from the heart because I live to see others succeed.”

– Stan Sher


Dealer eRecruiting provides various dealer services involving recruiting, training and consulting for automotive dealership. Automotive dealerships that are looking to hire, train or motivate sales, internet sales and business development talent have come to the right place.


Dealer eTraining does not just “talk the talk”, we “walk the walk”.  Anyone that represents Dealer eTraining on the automotive dealer consulting and training side has real automotive retail experience.


Take a look at some of our services and contact us to discuss in detail.  Our programs are completely customizable for automobile dealerships depending on the needs of the individual business.


We have recognized that most recruiting companies have a recruiting process that only requires a small upfront cost to advertise a job interview event at the dealership.


We take out recruiting process very seriously starting from the advertisement to the full interview and selection of potential candidates.


The Dealer eTraining selling method includes leveraging technology and transparent tools.


We have a stellar reputation for building and creating some of the best performing BDC departments in the country.


In order to be effective in automotive internet sales it is important to measure competition as well as current processes in the dealership.


Dealer eTraining provides a unique and specially planed automotive sales training service.  Our automotive sales process is called “Forward Thinking Consultative Selling” or FTCS.





We invite you to not just take our word for why we are the best.  In fact take a look at what previous employers have to say about Stan Sher as a top performing sales consultant and manager in automotive retail.  We challenge you to find another automotive training company that will legitimately lay their cards out on the table.

“I have had the pleasure of having Stan as a client, and I know him to be hard working, dependable, detail oriented and results driven. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of the dealership, and he is always receptive to the next tool or product that will take him to the next level. He is an absolute pleasure as a client, and I look forward to working (and learning) more with him!”

February 2, 2010

Kevin Dunne

National Sales Manager, CallRevu, LLC

“Stan was very detailed oriented and hard working. While he was a BDC manager he helped organize the department and set up new systems that eventually lead to better performance and a quality sales team. Stan followed direction well, and completed tasks that I assigned to him. He was a good man who cared about his job and his team. As a BDC manager, Stan had a lot of automotive experience and knowledge of many automotive tools.”

December 18, 2008

John Merse

Marketing Director, Metro Honda

“Wow, life has a way of coming full circle and that is the case with Stan and me. I had the pleasure of training and coaching Stan while at DCH Automotive Group. He has taken the “Best Practices” that I introduced to him and has taken it to another level. Stan is good at what he does and will continue to be for he has mastered the Golden Rule “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Keep fighting the good fight Stan and you will continue to shine.”

January 8, 2009

Brandon K. Hardison

Training and Sales Coach, DCH Auto Group

“I would highly recommend Stan Sher as both a talented BDC Manager and closer. He was an excellent teacher and mentor during the short time we worked together. Stan was always willing to help the new sales consultants improve their sales techniques. I can say that I am a much better salesman because Stan took the time to listen and offer suggestions.”

January 31, 2009

Matt D’Ambrosio

Sales Consultant, Honda Universe

“Stan helped improve an Internet department that I had helped the store develop a over a two-year period prior to his arrival, which was already a strong department. He was diligent in his follow-up, maintained strong relationships, and achieved what, in my opinion, is as or more difficult than building something from scratch – taking a well-oiled machine and improving it further.”

March 12, 2008

Adam Ross

Sr. Acct Manager, Autobytel, Inc.

“Stan is someone who is passionate about the car business and takes the time to study and follow the trends in this ever changing business. If any company is looking for a dedicated individual who will always give 100%, the Stan is the go-to-guy.”

November 6, 2009

Cory Mosley

Principal, Mosley Training LLC



We are dedicated to the success of your dealership and your people. Our passion equals your success. We welcome all inquires and messages and generally respond almost immediately or before the end of the day.

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